How a Dinosaur Skeleton Becomes a Fossil

Skeleton Progression

A little flow chart showing how a dinosaur skeleton becomes a fossil. I did this a few weeks ago in Photoshop. 🙂

Finished Brachiosaurus Reconstruction

Brachiosaurus Reconstruction for BlogBrachiosaurus Reconstruction.

Colored Pencil and Digital. 11″ x 17″

I love this piece a lot. The skin patterning is based off of the African Wild Dog for anyone who’s interested. Shoot me a message (if that’s possible on WordPress) or email me for a print if you want one! 🙂

Email: mary.persis.williams at

Most of you guys have already seen all of these pieces separately, but here they are as a postcard/business card combo! Thank you everyone for making suggestions, I’m glad some people said to go lighter because I definitely think this looks WAY better. Just note that these aren’t to scale, and feedback is always appreciated. 🙂

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Be expecting a Tylosaurus/Dolichorhynchops illustration soon… 😀


Finished Dorygnathus skull! Completed in colored pencil.

My last college project ever…

Last Dorygnathus WIP

Last Dorygnathus WIP before I post the final. I finally finished the upper mandible and it’s only 4am!! Hahahahaaaaaaaaaghhhh.

I’m gonna be a sad little zombie in my classes today…

My puppy has been keeping an eye on me from the couch all night. Poor thing is probably exhausted.

Dorygnathus Work in Progress

Dorygnathus work in progress. This will be my final for my perspective class that’s due… tomorrow. Looks like I’ll be up all night. Oh well, at least I’m having fun! 🙂

Prints are Now Available!

Because of the great response to this project, I’ve decided to make prints available for the general public! Visit my Society6 page if you’re interested at: I also have prints of my Horseshoe Crab and my Orchids available. 🙂

Finished Parasaurolophus Skeleton


Here is the finished skeletal layer of the Parasaurolophus! I’m just so happy with how this turned out. It’s done in watercolor and colored pencil with digital enhancements. I’m so excited to start the muscular layer!! Stay tuned!

First Layer of the Parasaurolophus

Work-in-progress of my Parasaurolophus anatomy booklet. I’m really happy with how this is coming out so far. The small bones are really annoying me, but what can you do, you know? Hopefully I can finish this tomorrow and get going on the muscle layer.