How a Dinosaur Skeleton Becomes a Fossil

Skeleton Progression

A little flow chart showing how a dinosaur skeleton becomes a fossil. I did this a few weeks ago in Photoshop. 🙂



Ammonite Pages for BlogAmmonite

Colored Pencil and Digital. 8.5″ x 11″

This guy is okay. He’s really not my favorite, but I think overall it’s an okay illustration.


Finished Brachiosaurus Reconstruction

Brachiosaurus Reconstruction for BlogBrachiosaurus Reconstruction.

Colored Pencil and Digital. 11″ x 17″

I love this piece a lot. The skin patterning is based off of the African Wild Dog for anyone who’s interested. Shoot me a message (if that’s possible on WordPress) or email me for a print if you want one! 🙂

Email: mary.persis.williams at


Brachiosaurus Skeleton for Blog

Brachiosaurus Muscle for Blog

Brachiosaurus Skeleton and Muscle for BlogMy Brachiosaurus reconstruction thus far. I’m working on the skin right now (it’s going to be very unique) but I am SO happy with how this is turning out. 🙂


Mandarin Duck

Mandarin Duck for WebMandarin Duck

Colored Pencil, Watercolor, Digital. 17″ x 11″

I did this for a gallery show that’s going on as we speak in Minneapolis. I had a blast drawing him and honestly he might be my favorite illustration so far (I’m working on a Brachiosaurus that I’m falling in love with, though…).

Prints are available if you are interested.


Finished Whale Phylogeny

Whale Phylogeny FinalWhale Phylogeny

Colored Pencil and Digital. 11″ x 17″

Finally finished the phylogeny piece. Took long enough.